Dominica Rainforest Accommodations

Dominica is known as the nature island of the Caribbean and the world and this is for good reason. The island of Dominica has done well to preserve its natural beauty and environment. The country’s rainforest are all intact and provide a good source of entertainment and delight for locals as well as visitors. Over the years the number of persons who visit Dominica for the rain forest experience have increased which have lead locals to build rain forest accommodations for persons who seek that real rainforest experience. The Dominica rain forest accommodations were all built without doing any real positive damage to the surroundings. The materials used to build rainforest lodges and resorts were all carefully taken from the rainforest and surroundings without causing any permanent damage to the rain forest.

Dominica is not your typical tourist destination. Most persons who visit the island come for adventure and one of the best places for Dominica adventure is the rain forest. Activities which can be enjoyed in Dominica rain forests are hiking, river kayaking, bird watching and other great forest facilities. The best place to stay when on a rainforest adventure trip is at one of Dominica’s rain forest accommodations. There are not many rain forest accommodations since this is a new trend but those which are available provide great accommodations.

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Dominica rainforest hotels generally put much effort into maintaining the forests, river and beaches which are located near the hotels and lodges; they have practices which encourage conservation. For example most Dominica rainforest accommodations have organic farms from which fresh fruits and vegetables are obtained for feeding guests and visitors. Other good practices worthy of mentioning include using alternative sources of energy to provide power at the lodges and hotels.

One of the most popular Dominica rainforest resorts is the Jungle Bay resort and Spa which has won many international awards for its excellent services. Jungle Bay is located on the south east of Dominica and caters to many visitors as well as hosts and plans wedding. The resort has a spa which specializes in great massages using only natural products. This Dominica accommodation also has a very good yoga center. The resort is made up of a total thirty five (35) private cabins which are in the rainforest, each designed and situated to provide maximum privacy. All meals are made with fresh produce, fruits and sea foods.

The 3 River Eco Lodge is also very popular with visitors. This lodge is located in the Rosalie forest on the east coast of Dominica. 3 Rivers provide accommodations in tree houses, cabins and camping facilities. The lodge is located near the river therefore guests can enjoy great river and rainforest activies. Local meals are served prepared by persons from the nearby village of Grand Fond. Three rivers is powered by alternative energy sources mainly the nearby rivers and wind energy.

There are many other excellent Dominica rainforest accommodations scattered about the island all of which will give guests a taste of life on the nature island of Dominica.

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