Dominica Passport

The Dominica passport program which is also known as the Dominica citizenship program began on the island in 1991 and continues today as a very successful program. The program is also called the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program as the funds which are paid towards the programs are used for helping the economy of the island. Many persons have successfully attained citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica through its citizenship program over the years through this well supervised program.

There are two options under which applicants can obtain Dominica citizenship; the family option and the single person option. Under the family option an applicant, spouse and two children under the age of eighteen can apply. This option costs US$100,000 which is nonrefundable and does not include the cost of fees which are paid to agents. Families with children who are over eighteen but less than twenty one years old an additional US$15,000 must be paid for each child who fits into this category. $US25, 000 is paid for each additional child under the age of twenty one. This applies to families with more than two children. Under the single applicant option a total of US$75,000 is paid to the government of Dominica. The above amount stated for both options does not include stamp fee, naturalization fees and processing fees.

All persons applying to the program (main applicants) must be over the age of twenty one. In addition to the cash contribution which is made by the applicant the following must be submitted for revision: Bank reference, professional references, birth certificate, personal references, police records, marriage or divorce certificates, documents declaring source of funds must be provided and recent medical certificates must be presented. The police certificate of character must be presented for all persons over the age of sixteen (16). If approved for Dominica citizenship the applicants will be invited to Dominica for an interview and one of the criteria for this interview is a basic knowledge of English. Persons who are successful will take the Dominica naturalization oath making them a citizen of the country.

These include no capital gains, as well as higher interest rates on investment accounts. Such policies encourage local enterprise and international business in a tax sheltered environment.

The rules regarding applying for Dominica economic citizenship program are strict. Due Diligence is carried out for all applicant who have passed the age of sixteen (16) and is done in every country the applicant have lived in for more than 6months. The cost of Due Diligence is paid for by the applicant and is carried out by an agency approved of by the Government of Dominica. Successful applicant to the Dominica passport program can apply for a Dominica passport which can be used for visa free travel to many countries in the world. The laws of Dominica support dual citizenship therefore there is no need for the new Dominica citizen to denounce previous citizenship.

Applying for Dominica citizenship can be seen as a very good investment which had great benefits. Applicants have no need to make trips to the island when applying to the program. There are many service providers in Dominica who specialize in helping clients gain Dominica citizenship.

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