Dominica Dining

Dining in Dominica is fun and a great way to pass time. The island has many local restaurants and a growing number of Chinese restaurants as well. The menus at Dominica restaurants are made up of tasty international and local dishes. Dominican restaurants can be found in the capital Roseau and communities along the coast of the islands don’t be surprised that some of the island’s best restaurants are hidden away in the most private and secluded areas!

Dominican dining is heavily influenced by its colonial past and indigenous people the Caribs. Some of the most popular meals found at Fusion Village Dominica are local and Caribbean cuisine although international meals are also served. Two things which are guaranteed at a Dominica restaurant is the friendliness of the staff and fresh fruits and vegetables, Fusion Village Menu! The fertile soil volcanic soil of the island ensures that an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables are always available.

Basilico SXM is Dutch St. Maarten’s number one restaurant, bar and lounge for delicious Italian food. A variety of pizza in St. Maarten is served at Basilico.

Dominica’s restaurants have something for everyone. For persons who are interested in fine dining there are great restaurants around the island for that and for persons who are interested in grabbing some local Caribbean grub then there are many local eateries around the island. Very common in Dominica are barbecue vendors along the main roads where barbecued pork, ribs and chicken can be purchase hot off the grill. For fine dining most people choose to go to the hotels but over the years a few great restaurants have popped up across the island. Dominica’s hotel restaurants are known for their fresh sea food dishes which include lobster, shrimp, Maui Maui, red snappers and other delicious sea foods which are a must when dining out at nights in Dominica.

Most local eateries are opened from 9:00 am and are opened to serve breakfast. Common on the breakfast menus are local foods such as bakes or Johnny cakes with choice of different fillings (cheese, tuna, smoked herring, and salt fish) cocoa tea. Persons who opt for a non local breakfast can have omelets, bacon, pan cakes, sausages among others. Guests must remember that they can always ask for what is no on the menu. For lunch visitors can opt for local meals or make reservations and restaurants for great lunches.

Dominica has a relatively large Chinese population who has bought their popular Chinese cuisine with them. There are many Chinese restaurants opened daily in Roseau and Portsmouth. Some of the Chinese restaurants stay opened up to 10:00 pm.

One aspect of Dominica dining that people enjoy is the local drinks and beverages. Local fresh fruit juices can be bought at any local eatery or upscale restaurant. The local fruit juices are the best since they are made from French local fruits and can be requested with or without sugar added. Most of these fresh fruits are used to make great fruit punches which are served at most bars and restaurants on the island. Dominica has one local beer called Kubuli which is an instant hit with visitors. Kubuli is made from fresh spring water.

Dominica dining is a great experience visit Fusion Village Restaurant Dominica where tasty foods and drinks are readily available. Dominica restaurants stay open until 11:00 Pm and many do not open on Sundays. It is always wise to make reservations when dinning out.

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